The Creation of Clinic Growth Hub: A Response to Real Challenges

In a few short weeks I will be revealing a completely restructured, rebuilt marketing resource for physical therapists which we’ve called the Clinic Growth Hub. My journey to this particular solution started In 2017, when driven by a near-obsession to support physical therapists in building their businesses ethically and with integrity, I dug deep into the challenges faced by therapists. From countless conversations and feedback from over 1500 responses to my Marketing Grader research, it was evident that the challenges were diverse, ranging from the lack of time to create fresh content to the pivotal issue of understanding the ‘what’ and ‘when’ of marketing to achieve effective, or any, results!

Understanding the Obstacles

A recurring theme in these conversations was the difficulty in creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy. The same challenges surfaced repeatedly, which has enabled me to tailor the Clinic Growth Hub to address them directly, providing a comprehensive solution that combines high-quality content created by physical therapists for physical therapists with user-friendly technology. Here’s how we’ve addressed each key obstacle:

1. Lack of Knowledge: Our content is structured as a framework, where each piece is part of a jigsaw puzzle, helping you stay on track and do the right things at the right time. It includes an implementation guide and my latest video training, “Built on Trust: A 9 Step Roadmap for Attracting Your Ideal Physical Therapy Clients Without Selling Your Soul,” to provide a clear roadmap to success.

2. Time Constraints: Each month, we deliver a new campaign on a different topic, complete with SEO-optimised blog posts, pre-written nurture emails, ready-to-post social media content, patient resource packs of leaflets, and pre-built email lead collection pages.

3. Cost-Prohibitive: We provide an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, offering templated content that is regionally protected to maintain exclusivity.

4. Technological Challenges: The platform has been designed for the most tech-wary user and requires absolutely zero tech skills. The social media content comes pre-loaded into an inbuilt social media scheduling tool for speed and simplicity, and the email lead collection page is already built for you.

5. Lack of Access to Resources: We produce all the necessary resources, from content to technology, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed.

In 2017, I launched two original solutions:

– A social media solution, which included social media posts pre-loaded into an inbuilt social media scheduling tool with pre-built email lead collection pages, and a goal of email list building.
– A sales solution, which included everything else needed in a marketing and sales funnel, e.g., blog posts, nurture emails, PowerPoint presentations for education sessions, etc.

Fast forward to 2023, armed with six years of experience, data, and conversations with several hundred practitioners, I’ve had the chance to completely rebuild these solutions from scratch while also leveraging advancements in technology.

Not only have I restructured the content subscriptions, but over the last 10 weeks we’ve also entirely rebuilt the technology platform providing these solutions, making it lightning-fast, much more intuitive for you to use, and with the ability to expand on a much wider range of features once we’re up and running.

The Importance of a Holistic Approach

The Clinic Growth Hub is more than just a collection of tools; it is a complete marketing solution designed within a framework to keep you on track, doing the right things at the right time. When it comes to marketing the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and by approaching marketing from a holistic, interconnected perspective, you can build a practice that is purposeful, effective and grounded in integrity.

Stay tuned for my upcoming series of blog posts and emails, where I’ll delve deeper into each aspect of the Clinic Growth Hub and its features.

What’s Included in the Subscription

The Clinic Growth Hub subscription is designed to be a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. Here’s what is included:

  1. SEO-Optimized Blog Posts: Fresh content every month on a new topic, tailored to attract your ideal clients.
  2. Pre-Written Nurture Emails: Ready-to-use emails designed to nurture your leads and keep your audience engaged.
  3. Ready-to-Post Social Media Content: Save time with social media content that is pre-loaded into an inbuilt social media scheduling tool for speed and simplicity.
  4. Patient Resource Packs: Detailed leaflets on SEO-optimized topics to provide your patients with valuable information.
  5. Pre-Built Email Lead Collection Pages: Ready-made landing pages to help you grow your email list effortlessly.
  6. Implementation Guide: A step-by-step guide to help you implement the provided content effectively.
  7. Video Training: Access to “Built on Trust: A 9 Step Roadmap for Attracting Your Ideal Physical Therapy Clients Without Selling Your Soul” to provide a clear roadmap to success.
  8. Regional Exclusivity: Templated content that is regionally protected to maintain exclusivity and avoid oversaturation.
  9. User-Friendly Technology: Access to a user-friendly platform that requires no prior tech skills and includes a social media scheduling tool and pre-built email lead collection pages.

By subscribing to the Clinic Growth Hub, you will have all the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to implement a successful and time-effective marketing strategy – without the stress and overwhelm.

Blog Author

Tor Davies

Co-Kinetic Founder

I’m a physio-turned publisher with a passion for technology and a ‘verging on OCD-like’ obsession with efficiency and effectiveness! I spend way too much time coming up with new ways of using technology to help practitioners develop their businesses, a topic that I also speak on regularly at global conferences. I’m mad about dogs and love pubs too 🙂