The Co-Kinetic Clinic Growth Subscription

£149 per month

Your entire marketing to-do list, done. A system that’s proven to get customers into clinics. And all for just a few hours of your time a month.

That’s the Co-Kinetic Clinic Growth subscription – the complete sales and marketing solution for Physical Therapists. Take advantage of our ready-to-use, expert marketing content and build an audience of people who trust and engage with your brand. Convert those prospects into paying clients with our pre-built clinic growth campaigns – and all without a sales pitch in sight. 

What Can You Do With a Clinic Growth Subscription?

Master Your Social Media

Intelligent, professional and value-adding posts which help you target, attract and segment your perfect patients

How can this help you?

  • Attract your perfect patients with strategic social media posting
  • Establish authority and build trust with  professional, educational content
  • Choose from our growing library of campaigns covering commonly-seen MSK and health & wellbeing topics
  • Link your posts to one-click sign-up pages, and capture new leads quickly and easily
  • Build your list, learn more about your followers, and provide them with the kind of content you know will pique their interest
  • Schedule a 30-post, monthly campaign in less than 15 minutes

PLUS! Each piece of media is accompanied by pre-written text and has been pre-loaded into our inbuilt social media scheduling tool, meaning the content is ready to post, saving you hours of work (and brainpower!) trying to figure out what to write!

an image showing a range of social media images produced by Co-Kinetic

Social media is not just a spoke on the wheel of marketing. It’s becoming the way entire bicycles are built.

Ryan Lilly

Building-Target-Audiences through

Build Targeted Audiences

Grow your single most important marketing asset - your email list – using our unique physical therapy-themed email list building system. What's more, all pages feature your branding and business details for each customer conversion.

How can this help you?

  • Collect qualified email leads to help build your email list
  • Segment your audience so you can pinpoint who is interested in which topics (and follow up with even more relevant information)
  • Wow new prospects with high-value, professional downloadable content
  • Nourish new client relationships with editable follow-up emails, sent as soon as someone registers
  • Run paid advertising to targeted audiences and link to sign-up pages, growing your email list with your perfect patient demographics

Popular Features

  • We take care of the whole process meaning:
    • We’ve written the high-value lead magnet leaflet downloads
    • Written and designed the highly-optimised email sign-up page
    • Built the eye-catching, prospect-wowing leaflet download pages
    • Written the follow-up email (also fully editable)
    • And we take care of hosting the pages for you.
  • Choose from a library of 37+ email sign-up pages covering different MSK, health and wellbeing themes (new themes added regularly)
  • Track conversions and page visits through Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • The pages feature your branding and are regularly optimised
  • Works on all devices and in all web browsers

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.

Beth Comstock

Publish Regular Blog Posts and Increase Your SEO Visibility

Use our library of peer-reviewed blog posts to increase your website success by making it more engaging and more findable by Google, as well as building trust and authority with your audience

How can this help you?

  • Increase search engine visibility
  • Demonstrate expertise and build authority
  • Collect qualified email leads to help build your email list
  • Segment your audience so you know who’s interested in what (and follow up with additional relevant information)
  • Raise awareness of your business through your local media by using our pre-written blog posts as article contributions under your name

Popular Features

  • Written by physical therapists, for physical therapists
  • Peer-reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of physical and manual therapists
  • An extensive and ever-growing library of blog posts 
  • Use our hosted blog pages with pre-loaded text and images or if you already have your own blog create new posts with the material provided
  • Track page activity through Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

If Google can’t find you, nobody else can either

Not exactly rocket science!

Patient Information Leaflets

Send Regular Customer Nurture Emails

No more struggling with what to write, or spending hours trying to make your email look pretty – use our pre-written customer nurture emails to build trust, strengthen relationships and turn email readers into paying clients

How can this help you?

  • Build that all-important ’know like trust’ relationship with your clients, with regular, personable and helpful appearences in their inbox 
  • Demonstrate your expertise, build authority and educate your readers about how you can help them
  • Show your ongoing care and interest in the welfare of your email readers
  • Use stats on clicks and opens to uncover customer interests, then use this information to target them more accurately in future (and increase your email reputation)

Popular Features

  • 1 click Mailchimp template or Word file including text and images
  • Written by physical therapists, for physical therapists
  • Peer-reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel of physical and therapists
  • Choose from a growing library of nurture emails covering a range of MSK, health and wellbeing topics

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care

Damon Richards

Run Successful Educational Workshops

With scripts for educational events and webinars you’ll be able to draw the crowds, add value to your attendees and bring in new customers

How can this help you?

  • Strengthen personal relationships with your clients and prospects by giving valuable information to those that attend
  • Demonstrate your expertise, build authority and educate your attendees about how you can help them
  • Offer ‘event special’ opportunities to book appointments or programmes of treatments
  • Learn more about what your audience is interested in
  • Use events to generate business during quiet diary periods

Popular Features

  • Pre-built workshop web sign-up pages
  • Pre-event nurture email sequences written for you
  • Post-event sales and purchase pages
  • Posters and postcards to promote your event
  • Social media ads to promote your event

If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you

Zig Ziglar

Patient Information Leaflets

Run Customer-Generating Business Events

Announce new services, generate upfront bookings for new staff, run open clinic events and launch new equipment with easy-to-run business events

How can this help you?

  • Perfect for introducing new team members, new services and facilities, running an open clinic event or holding an event around a special date in the diary

  • Again great for building the ’know like trust’ factor while also adding value for your attendees

  • Demonstrate your expertise, build authority and educate your attendees about how you can help them

Popular Features

  • Pre-built event sign-up pages
  • Pre-event nurture email sequences written for you
  • Post-event sales and purchase pages
  • Posters and postcards to promote your event

Building trust is a matter of revealing your authentic self to your market

Stephanie Treasure

Sell and Manage Vouchers

Physical and manual therapy treatments are the sort of gift everyone loves to receive, so give your customers the opportunity to share your skills with their friends and family!

How can this help you?

  • Introduce new people to you, your clinic and your range of services
  • Run promotions during quiet periods or inbetween other events to generate extra revenue
  • Get paid upfront, boosting your cashflow

Popular Features

  • Pre-built voucher purchase page
  • Social media, poster and postcard artwork provided to help you promote your campaign
  • Payment goes straight into your own bank account (ie. we don’t take any processing fees)
  • Customers can redeem vouchers in full or in part
  • PDF copy of the voucher sent by email to you and your customer.

Selling vouchers helps to maintain a healthy cashflow all year round

Patient Information Leaflets

Sell and Manage Memberships

Just about every business out there is introducing recurring revenue streams. You need to be too.

How can this help you?

  • Get better client retention rates
  • Generate predictable cashflow
  • Start every month with guaranteed income
  • Create a much stronger relationship with your members
  • Increase the value of your business (recurring revenue streams are worth more to buyers than non-recurring ones)

How to use them

  • Build patient interest or support groups
  • Run clinic membership programmes
  • Offer fixed-period fitness, rehabilitation, training or education programmes
  • Set up any other kind of recurring revenue subscription service you can think of!

Popular Features

  • Flexible payment pages with no processing fees
  • Set up recurring weekly, monthly, yearly subscription plans or fixed-time plans eg. 6 x weekly payments
  • Payment pages are easy to edit using a simple form
  • Send your new sign-ups to a text or video page for information on what happens next
  • Automated and customisable follow-up email
  • Manage your members within your Co-Kinetic dashboard

The subscription economy has risen by 435% in the last 9 years (and the uptick is expected to continue)

Source: Zuora

Run Email List-Building Facebook Ads

Social media networks like Facebook let you target your perfect customers within your area. Use our resources to make the most of these powerful tools!

How can this help you?

  • Fill your email list with people who will be interested in the events you have planned this year (this is why a plan is important)
  • Planning on running a cycling workshop in 3 months? Target members of local cycling clubs, followers of cycle events or products, within your chosen age group, living within 10 miles of your clinic…and Boom 🚀 you’ve got a successful event thanks to the power of Facebook ads

Popular Features

  • Ad copy and images
  • Ad set-up video tutorial
  • Audience targeting strategies video for each unique campaign

Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money

Jef I Richards

What to Expect

37 campaigns now available with new ones produced every 6-8 weeks

Regional Exclusivity

Each Clinic Growth subscription is mapped regionally by population size

The image shows the countries we currently issue protected licences for along with the number of licences available in each.

This is designed to give our licence holders an exclusive competitive advantage and ensure competing local clinics don’t have access to the same resources.

This is how easy it is

4 Steps to Trigger a 30 Day Social Media Campaign

  1. Toggle on the networks you want to post
  2. Change the post frequency (optional)
  3. Set your start and end date for the social media to post
  4. Click UPDATE and leave it to get on with things!

Note: Make sure you’ve connected your social networks first.

Also included in this subscription…

The Co-Kinetic Journal

A dynamic, interactive learning experience which helps you stay on top of your game and deliver the most effective clinical outcomes– trust us, this definitely not your average physical therapy journal!

How can this help you?

  • Use the very latest evidence base to deliver the most effective patient outcomes
  • Have total confidence in your skills and knowledge base 
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest research
  • Use the suggested discussions for group learning/professional development
  • And most importantly….have fun doing it!

Popular Features

  • Journal Watch round-up
  • 10 Most Discussed Research Papers – health and wellbeing and physical and manual therapy
  • Detailed peer-reviewed, evidence-based reviews
  • Highly interactive and optimised for a wide range of learning styles
  • Printed four times a year and posted worldwide free of charge
Patient Information Leaflets

Patient Information Leaflets

Powerful resources that help you to educate, add value, build trust and establish authority at every stage of the prospect to patient journey – definitely a cut above the usual patient leaflets!

How can this help you?

  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise and add value to your customers and prospects
  • Personalise the patient experience with individually tailored, post-visit material
  • Keep your patients informed on the latest developments in your industry and the role you can play in helping them

How to use them

  • Share the resources on your social networks or on local discussion forums to build trust
  • Send them in post-appointment follow-up emails to support your treatment sessions
  • Print them and distribute relevant articles in local sports clubs, businesses and shops to grow brand awareness
  • Include links to your resources in your customer nurture emails, making your emails even more useful and reinforcing your expertise

Popular Features

  • Written by physical therapists and fully peer-reviewed
  • Covering a wide range of sport, health and wellbeing topics
  • New leaflets added every month
  • All content easy to brand and share
  • Complete with medical disclaimers
  • Growing library of more than 400 different leaflets

Customer Newsletters

Brandable ready-to-send customer newsletters which you can print, email or post – to add value to current customers, re-engage past ones and motivate new prospects to book an appointment

How can this help you?

  • Educate your patients about how you can support them in different areas of their health and wellbeing
  • Build trust with your email list by sharing resources in your emails 
  • Engage visitors with fresh newsletters on your website
  • Post newsletter content on your social networks to increase engagement 
  • Help your customers' waiting time to pass fast by providing the newsletters as reading material in your waiting area
  • Post newsletters out to re-engage past clients 
  • Build goodwill and generate awareness of your brand by distributing newsletters in local sports clubs or through other complementary businesses

Popular Features

  • New topics added every month
  • A growing library of 40+ newsletters 
  • Written and peer-reviewed by medical professionals
  • Compliant with ‘Plain English’ readability standards 
  • Professionally-designed with an easy-to-read, clean and clear design
  • Allows you to add your own business details
  • Saves you hours creating your own patient newsletters!

Print Out Posters and Wall Art

What do your premises say about you and your skill set? Shabby, run-down rooms will damage your reputation. That's where our posters come in!

How can this help you?

  • Display eye-catching posters and show your customers a dynamic business at the top of it’s game
  • Create a smart, professional and welcoming environment
  • Reinvigorate your reception area, stairwells, treatment rooms or even the public facilities!
  • Build trust and establish authority with informative, educational material on display

Popular Features

  • New posters designed every month, making it easy to keep your clinic looking fresh and up-to-date
  • Use the artwork service Canva to order the posters for printing at any size (wherever you are in the world)
  • Add your own branding and contact details – and claim the glory!

Promote Positive Business Actions

Use our pre-designed templates to help you build trust and loyalty with your clients and encourage them to take positive actions to support your business

How can this help you?

  • Boost your search engine optimisation and make your business more findable on Google by encouraging more customers to review your business
  • Motivate your customers to support local businesses like your own (and explain why it’s important)
  • Show your patients that you care about their holistic health by providing them with ‘over and above the call of duty’ resources
  • Send personalised, branded birthday cards to customers either by post or email (you could even include a discount coupon)
  • Express your gratitude to customers who do things that positively affect your business using our “Gesture of Thanks” campaign.

Popular features

  • New templates created regularly
  • Printable internationally through Canva
  • Brandable with your business details

Co-Kinetic think of everything. Quite often there’s content in a campaign I don’t even know I need, until I realise I want it!

Huw Hurley, Osteopath

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