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We built the Co-Kinetic content and technology to solve the 6 biggest marketing obstacles to physical therapists and now you can hire us to put that content into action for you, as and when you need a little bit of extra help.

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The Biggest Marketing Obstacles

Knowledge, Time, Resources, Being Salesy, Not Tech Savvy, Cost

The goal when we created the Co-Kinetic system was to give everyone, whether they were one wo/man bands or multi-practitioner/multi-clinic teams, access to: affordable expert marketing content; the technology to help you implement that content quickly and easily; and a proven framework to help keep you on track, doing the right activities at the right time.  

We invest a lot of money in producing those ‘gold standard’ education-based marketing resources, and they will cost significantly less, and be significantly better in quality, than most marketing agencies will be able to produce for the same price. And we want to see those resources used to their absolute maximum potential. Which is why we’ve built a flexible team that you can engage to help you implement your Clinic Growth events as and when you need them – giving you ultimate flexibility without having to commit to any ongoing contracts.

At the end of the day we want to see our customers grow, so that you in turn, can improve the quality of life of so many more patients.

That for us is the real win-win-win and the very reason Co-Kinetic exists.

Are You Our Perfect Customer?

Every single business needs a clear picture of their perfect customer

Here’s ours:

  1. A strong moral compass (old-fashioned I know but fundamental to a healthy and positive working relationship)
  2. A genuine burn-in-your belly desire to take your business to the next level. The half-hearted never succeed!
  3. A hunger to listen, learn, experiment and constantly seek to improve.
  4. A commitment to a regular investment in your marketing (either your own time or the cost of delegating it to someone else). This marketing may only require an hour or two a week but it has to be focused, strategic, planned and executed consistently. As the saying goes, “Commitment is the ignitor of momentum”

If you can answer Yes to those 4 requirements, keep reading…

Our Approach

All good marketing and sales strategies should focus on building trust, establishing authority and growing and nurturing an audience of prospects ready to be converted into paying clients.

We use an approach known as education-based marketing (also often referred to as content marketing).

Not only do we produce all the marketing content you could ever need but we can also provide the services to help you put this content into action. Because we are working from content and tools that already exist it means we can work extremely quickly and cost-effectively, meaning we’re likely to be significantly cheaper than most other marketing service providers.

Our Team Is Available to Help You


Build a Sales and Marketing Plan

So you have a clear picture of what you’re doing, when, and with what goal


Run Monthly Social Media Campaigns

So your social media presence builds authority and reflects well on your business


Build Trust, Optimise, Nurture and Segment Your Email Audience

So you have customers primed and ready to take action when required


Run Facebook or Google Ad Campaigns to Grow Your Email List with Your Ideal Customers

Once you have a clear plan, you can target your perfect prospects with the greatest likelihood of success


Plan and Implement a Marketing or Sales Event

Run open clinic events, offer educational workshops, introduce new team members, facilities or equipment


Set Up Voucher Campaigns

To fill in the cashflow gaps at opportune times of the year


Create Membership or Recurring Revenue Programmes

To generate a more stable, predictable source of revenue


Make Sure You Have The Right Marketing Tools and Foundations in Place

Let us review your website, and marketing assets and offer advice on optimising and improving these resources


Branding and Artwork Design

Need help designing a poster, postcard, logo, stationary, banners, flags or any kind of marketing material? We have more experience than most!


Website Design and Creation

We can build you a cost-effective website that’s easy-to-update, optimised to build authority, add value to your visitors and help you attract your perfect customer. We can also help you to incorporate Co-Kinetic content to create an instant and regularly update blog, customer newsletter and whiteboard animation libraries.

How It Works

It’s a great way to save yourself time, get quick results and use of your Clinic Growth subscription to maximum effect.

  • Firstly you would need to hold an active Clinic Growth licence (subscription).
  • These subscriptions are mapped geographically in populations groups of 40,000 people – this ensures every licence benefits from a strong competitive advantage.
  • We will base our work around our existing content and campaigns, helping you to implement this content to execute social media campaigns, build your email lists with your perfect prospects and run events designed to bring in new customers and generate new revenue.
  • But we can also customise content where needed, to meet your specific needs.
  • We can get involved with one-off tasks like setting up social media ads on your behalf, or implement an ongoing email nurture programme.
  • And because most of the content already exists, we can charge on a simple and transparent basis of time spent on a case by case basis.
  • This means you have the flexibility to buy the help you need, when you need it – to achieve either short or long-term goals – without being tied into long-term commitments or contracts you don’t know you can afford.

Why Us?

Because we have the knowledge, experience, reputation and the ready-made resources to help you hit the ground running and fast 

  • Experience – we’ve already worked with more than 1,000 physical therapy clients worldwide to provide a wide range of marketing services, content and technology solutions. We know the struggles.
  • Clinical Confidence – as the producer of a 20+ year old peer-reviewed clinical journal, we are acutely aware of the importance of publishing medically accurate and up-to-date clinical content for both practitioners as well as patients.
  • Speed and Cost-Effectiveness of Implementation – because we already have a large and wide-ranging (as well as continually growing) library of patient-facing content we can customise this on your behalf at a fraction of a cost (and time involvement required from you) compared with creating the content from scratch.
  • Specialists not Generalists – instead of having a team which does a bit of everything, we hire specialists to work on each aspect, coordinated by an overall marketing manager who brings your strategy and bigger picture together.
  • Reputation, Reliability and Longevity – we’ve been successfully running this same business for physical therapists since 1999. We only grow if you grow. Which is why our priority is to help you to build a healthy long-term businesses.

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