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There are some great resources below if you’re serious about and committed to growing your business. The first accelerator planning tool is particularly useful but each one will give you some great ideas on how to generate sales for your business. If you’ve completed one of our quizzes or assessments, keep an eye out on your inbox for a personalised set of email advice based on your quiz answers.

Hungry to grow your clinic but don’t know where to focus your marketing efforts to greatest financial effect?

This planning tool is for clinic owners already well-established in business, who are serious about, and committed to building their business today.

There is no ‘one’ marketing strategy. A successful one should take into account your business size, current level of marketing, and of course, your goals for your business (and your life).

Answer 8 carefully crafted questions (3 mins) and you’ll receive a series of bespoke marketing advice based on your answers. We’ll also give you a personalised marketing structure that you can start to put in place today, to help you generate not just new customers, but your ideal customers, and grow your sales.  

Tor on Tour – Live UK Events

In Autumn 2022 Tor will be taking to the UK roads in her trusty campervan Womble to meet with practitioners, and where it works, run workshops and presentations demonstrating a range of ways in which you can grow your business with integrity.

In her presentation, she’ll walk you through building and implementing a 12 month sales and marketing plan so you have a structure to work from by the end of a session. This is very much about practical application. She'll also cover which marketing activities will move the needle for your business, and which you should ditch! If you have specific areas of marketing you'd like covered, Tor will do her best to accomodate those also.

If you're interested in attending (or hosting) a presentation (or having a meeting with Tor to discuss how Co-Kinetic could help you and your business), click the button below and share your details. 

Turning Prospects into Paying Clients:

Building and Implementing a 12-Month Marketing and Sales Plan

This article explains in detail how you can plan and implement a 12 month marketing and sales plan for your physical or manual therapy business. We discuss a range of events you can choose from, how to set budgets and financial targets for your events and how to build audiences who are most likely to convert into paying customers.

We also outline a timeline of activities for each event and discuss different event types to suit individual personalities. As you’ll see, planning and preparation is key to achieving your financial goals. We also include:

  • Downloadable Budgeting Spreadsheet (Excel spreadsheet (downloadable as a zip file)
  • 12 Month Calendar Planning Template
  • 30 Day Diary Planning Template

The Blueprint for Running a Successful Open Clinic Event

This 5 article series takes you through each step of planning, promoting and running an Open Clinic Event designed to generate revenue and bring in new customers.

Each article is packed with practical advice on implementing each part of the strategy.

How to Build Recurring Revenue Streams Into a Physical Therapy Business

Membership packages, purchased on a regular recurring payment basis, are extremely valuable to all businesses at all times, but with the challenges presented by a situation like Covid-19, they can be the lifeline that makes the difference between a business surviving or not. This article details the advantages of creating recurring revenue streams and then goes into more detail about the sorts of packages you could create within a physical or manual therapy business.

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