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New to marketing or just getting started with your business, the resources below will help you focus on getting good foundations in place and stop you from wasting time doing things that won’t move the needle for your business.

What’s Your Marketing Score?

Find Out in 2-Minutes Flat Where You’re At With Your Marketing and How You Can Improve

Ever wondered if you’re doing the right things with your marketing or whether you’ve got the right basics in place? Answer 12 simple Yes/No questions which will take you no more than two minutes and we’ll tell you how well you’ve got the basics covered.

We’ll then show you exactly where you can focus your efforts to get the greatest impact for the least amount of effort, and give your business that all important boost. We’ll even give you practical cheat sheets to help you tick off the missing elements.

Discover the 20% of Marketing Activities That Will Give You 80% of Your Marketing Results – Free Webinar

Tired of working all the hours in the day for a physical therapy business that feels like it only just survives? Or fluctuating between “feast or famine” with your clinic bookings? Well, now it’s time to change all that.

You’ll learn how to attract new patients, who are not only motivated prospects, but who also understand the value of what you are offering, and are predisposed to trust you. 

It doesn’t matter how much or how little marketing experience you have, or what stage you’re at in your business, this webinar will be invaluable. We run through each possible marketing activity and weigh up their pros and cons so you can focus on the activities that will actually impact your business.

The Biggest Marketing Obstacles to Physical Therapists and How to Overcome Them

Marketing seems confusing because there are so many different aspects to it. This makes it hard to know how or where to get started (problem = knowledge).

That in turn makes it easy to waste time doing things that don’t get results, and as business owners we can’t afford that (problem = time).

Then there’s a concern about marketing requiring technology skills that many people don’t feel they have (problem = technology).

Lastly, many therapists feel very uncomfortable making sales, it’s too salesy (problem = approach).

This article breaks things down and shows why none of these issues have to hold back your business.

The biggest marketing obstacles to physical therapists infographic

I’m Starting a New Physical Therapy Business What Marketing Do I Need to Do?

This article details four key marketing cornerstones that are fundamental to building a healthy business.

It explains why each aspect is important, as well as how you can bring them to life in practical terms. It doesn’t matter if you’re not even treating patients yet, in fact you can benefit particularly by following this advice, but equally if you are already treating patients, or even running an established clinic, the cornerstones remain the same, just their order of priority will change (which I also explain).

It is also packed with practical advice and links to outside resources which will help you to implement the advice.

Try Adding Your Brand to Our Client Leaflets

Our patient information resources are the jewel in the crown of all our subscriptions.

They can be used to build trust and establish authority at every stage of the customer journey from prospect through to paying and even past clients.

So why not earn yourself some brownie points with any of these groups, by uploading your logo and printing off some leaflets. You could put them in your clinic waiting area, post them to past customers or even hand them out locally.

They’re a great way to raise awareness of your business while also adding value to your readers. A genuine win-win.

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