Why Choose Our Subscription?

Discover a holistic approach to marketing that’s genuine, effective, and tailored for physical therapists in business. Implement carefully designed campaigns that resonate with your audience, build trust, and drive engagement.

  • Holistic Approach: Our campaigns are more than just content; they’re a connected journey designed to nurture relationships and boost your visibility.
  • Consistency is Key: With our structured campaigns, you’re always on track, ensuring you’re doing the right things at the right time.
  • Guided Implementation: Our comprehensive guide walks you through each step, demystifying marketing and ensuring effective implementation.
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Every month, you’ll receive a fresh, engaging campaign from Co-Kinetic. Each campaign revolves around a timely topic tied to an international health awareness event or significant occurrence such as a major sporting event.

Our content, which spans health, well-being, and musculoskeletal injury, ensures a diverse and relevant mix that will resonate with your audience. This isn’t generic content – it’s written by physical therapists, for physical therapists.

And to guarantee accuracy and quality, each piece is carefully peer-reviewed. But what really sets our content apart is its focus on building trust and establishing your authority, with an approach that’s informative, engaging and completely unsalesy.


Each campaign includes

  • Leaflet Resources: Providing detailed insights on specific topics, offering practical advice and acting as the backbone of your content to which you can link your social media, customer nurture emails and blog posts.
  • SEO-Optimised Blog Posts: Publish comprehensive content topics that establish authority and answer your prospective clients’ most pressing questions while increasing visitor traffic to your website.
  • Engaging Emails: Written to maximise open rates and engagement, build trust and nurture relationships.
  • Social Media Content: Boost your online presence, engage a wider audience, and drive traffic back to your blog posts and patient resources with a broad variety of social media content, including reels, infographics, animated explainer videos, myth busters, and more.
  • Email Lead Collection Pages: To help you build your all-important marketing resource, your email list.


  • Saves you time and effort by removing the need to plan and create content
  • Enhances your SEO efforts with keyword-optimised blog content
  • Delivers fresh, engaging, and authoritative content for your social media pages
  • Builds trust with your audience, helping to convert prospects into clients

How Does the Co-Kinetic Content Ecosystem Work?

Just as the human body requires a balance between muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia to prevent injury, your marketing strategy requires a balance between its different components to be effective.

In the Co-Kinetic Content Ecosystem, the patient resources form the backbone of your campaign. These are the starting point from which everything else flows:

1. Blog Posts: Are specifically optimised to answer questions that are most frequently asked on the search engines, increasing the opportunity for organic traffic. These blog posts lead back to your patient resources which offer greater detail.

2. Emails: Share snippets of your blog posts and directly link to those as well as your patient leaflets in your emails, encouraging your audience to explore further and increasing visits to your website.

3. Social Media: Use posts and stories to share bite-sized pieces of information from your blog posts and leaflets, encouraging visits to your website.

4. Website: Host all your content and act as the central hub of your ecosystem. Ensure each piece of content links to other relevant pieces, creating a web of interconnected information.

    By strategically connecting all these components, you guide your audience through a journey that builds trust, authority, and engagement while at the same time boosting your search engine optimisation (SEO) and increasing the chance of more people finding your business. It’s not just about sharing information; it’s about creating a cohesive and valuable experience at every touchpoint.


    Technology That Simplifies Your Life

    In addition to our content, our unique platform offers pre-built email lead collection pages, value-adding success pages and an inbuilt social media scheduling tool to enable you to schedule a month’s worth of social media in as little as 20 minutes, giving you an effortless way to stay on top of your marketing.

    Download your blog and email content in a range of formats to suit your specific needs.

    It’s super-easy to use for even the most non-techy business owners, but if you’re a seasoned marketer, you’ll also appreciate the multitude of customisation options available to you.



    • Makes campaign management a breeze
    • Helps build your email list with optimised lead collection pages
    • Keeps your marketing on track with a structured system
    • Seamlessly integrates with all popular social networks 
    hungry to grow
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    How It Works

    Experience marketing simplicity in just four steps:

    1. Subscribe: Sign up to the Clinic Growth Hub subscription.
    2. Customise: Tweak our pre-created content to fit your unique needs.
    3. Schedule: Utilise our user-friendly software to schedule and post the ready-made social media to your chosen social networks and build your email list.
    4. Launch: Publish the blog content on your website, send our pre-written emails to your prospects and clients – and watch your online presence grow.

    With you all the way

    Our help doesn’t end once you’re signed up. We’re here to support you and answer any questions you might have to make sure you’re getting maximum benefit from your social media subscription. Our ongoing support package includes: 

    • A free, 30-minute onboarding call to help you get set up
    • Weekly, live office hours to answer any questions
    • Regular, online chat facility
    • Simple online guides to help you quickly master the technology
    • A no-risk 7 day free trial
    • For a small additional cost, you can even ask us to do it for you!
    • Numerous resources to help you understand the theory behind social media marketing, and why our system works so well.

    Want to find out more? Click here to book a chat, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and chat through whether it’s a good fit for your business.



    Download a Mini Campaign Bundle for Free

    Includes a ready-to-publish blog post, a ready-to-send customer email, customer leaflets, a selection of engaging social media posts and a Co-Kinetic Journal. The goal is to demonstrate how each piece of content works holistically together.

    “In our experience, clients that succeed in SEO are creating great quality content and engaging with their communities. SEO and marketing go hand in hand; all your focus should be on adding as much value as possible. This is what I love about Co-Kinetic’s Clinic Growth Hub subscription, because it’s designed to do exactly that, and at an exceptionally reasonable cost.”

    Chris Dann, Market Your Clinic Online

    Saves time

    And tons of it – we’ve produced all the content for you, ready to be used exactly as you need it

    Easy to do

    Set up a month’s worth of social media in just 20 minutes and trigger emails automatically


    Each piece of content is strategically connected for greater effectiveness


    Every piece of content is educational, expertly written and designed specifically to build trust

    Grow your email list

    Choose specific campaigns to help you build targeted audiences

    Plays nicely with others

    Connects to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Stripe (LinkedIn, TikTok, GMB, WordPress and Zapier coming soon)

    Pricing and Subscription Options

    Get all these benefits and more at a competitive subscription fee. To maintain content exclusivity and quality, we limit the number of subscriptions by geographical region. So don’t wait. Secure your spot now!

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    Join our community of physical therapists around the world who are transforming their marketing efforts with Co-Kinetic. Choose between purchasing immediately or scheduling a call with us to learn more. And remember, this is a monthly rolling subscription with no contracts or long-term commitments.

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