The Clinic Growth Subscription

£149 per month

Your entire marketing to-do list, done. A system that’s proven to get customers into clinics. And all for just a few hours of your time a month.

The Clinic Growth subscription is an easy-to-use marketing and clinic growth solution for Physical Therapists – including automated social media, a huge library of tried and tested marketing resources, email templates, nurture funnels and much, much more.

What Can You Do With a Clinic Growth Subscription?

Master Your Social Media

Intelligent, professional and value-adding posts which help you target, attract and segment your perfect patients – this is definitely not your average physical therapy social media!

an image showing a range of social media images produced by Co-Kinetic

Build Targeted Audiences

Grow your single most important marketing asset – your email list – using our unique physical therapy-themed email list building system. What’s more, all pages feature your branding and business details for easy customer conversion

Building-Target-Audiences through

Publish Regular Blog Posts and Increase Your SEO Visibility

Use our library of peer-reviewed blog posts to increase your website success by making it more engaging and more findable by Google, as well as building trust and authority with your audience

Send Regular Customer Nurture Emails

No more struggling with what to write, or spending hours trying to make your email look pretty – use our pre-written customer nurture emails to build trust, strengthen relationships and turn email readers into paying clients

Patient Information Leaflets

Run Successful Educational Workshops

With scripts for dozens educational events and webinars, along with pre-built event sign-up pages you’ll be able to draw the crowds and bring in new customers

Customer-Converting Business Events

Announce new services, generate upfront bookings for new staff, organise open clinci events and launch new equipment with ready-to-run business events

Patient Information Leaflets

Sell and Manage Vouchers

Physical and manual therapy treatments are the sort of gift everyone loves to receive, so give your customers the opportunity to share your skills with their friends and family!

Sell and Manage Memberships

Just about every business out there is introducing recurring revenue streams. You need to be too. It helps to build a reliable and consistent cashflow – ideal during times of pandemics and recessions

Patient Information Leaflets

Run Email List-Building Facebook Ads

Social media networks like Facebook let you target your perfect customers within your local geographical area. Use our resources to make the most of these powerful tools!

There’s more! With your Clinic Growth subscription you’ll get

Regional Exclusivity

Each Clinic Growth subscription is mapped regionally by population size

Image shows the number of licences available in each country we map.

All our other content and services

Access to all the materials from our social media, clinical education and patient information subscriptions including:

  • The quarterly Co-Kinetic Journal posted worldwide
  • 400+ shareable/printable patient information leaflets
  • Regular customer newsletters
  • 24/7 technical support from the Co-Kinetic team
  • No contracts or tie-ins.

94.7% of physical therapists say their marketing abilities are holding their business back*

*Results from a survey of 1500 physical therapists - Co-Kinetic Marketing Grader 2017-2021

Their 6 biggest marketing obstacles are:

Lack of knowledge (58%)

So we organised our content to follow a proven marketing funnel (more later)

Shortage of time (20%)

So we created the content and built the technology you need to implement a sales funnel

Difficulty or lack of access to resources (10%)

So we’ve created them all for you!

Not wanting to be salesy (5%)

So we follow an education-based marketing approach (see below to learn more)

Not being tech savvy (4%)

So we made Co-Kinetic simple to use. If you can fill in forms and copy and paste text, you can use our system

Cost (3%)

There’s no other solution out there but if there was it would cost around 7x the price

What to Expect

Here are some of the campaigns produced to date (37 campaigns now available with new ones produced every 6-8 weeks)

Our Secret to Success:

The Co-Kinetic Marketing Funnel

Click on the black CO icons on the interactive image below to explore each element of the funnel in more detail

Co-Kinetic think of everything. Quite often there’s content in a campaign I don’t even know I want, until I realise I need it!

Huw Hurley, Osteopath

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