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Keep your patients engaged and stay on top of your professional game. Our Clinical Professional Education subscription combines highly engaging patient information leaflets to help you build and nurture relationships with your clients, with peer-reviewed, educational materials that help you learn and develop as a clinician.

Included With This Subscription

The Co-Kinetic Quarterly Journal

The Co-Kinetic Journal (formerly sportEX medicine) was established in 1999, with the goal to translate the latest findings from academia into practical application that translates directly into your clinic and onto your patients

The journal covers three main areas:

  • Physical Therapy (30%)
  • Manual Therapy (30%)
  • Marketing and Business Growth (30%)

With all materials presented in an easy-to-digest, visual format, this subscription is a great way to digest all the latest research and trends in the physical therapy industry, ensuring you deliver the best clinical experience for your customers.

Co-Kinetic journal covers

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Click the link below to get a free copy of the latest Co-Kinetic Journal, and start brushing up on the latest research, trends in the physical/manual therapy world!

Stay Clinically Up-to Date with the Co-Kinetic Journal

A dynamic, interactive learning experience which helps you stay on top of your game and deliver the most effective clinical outcomes. This is definitely not your average physical therapy journal.

Reach New Audiences by Sharing High Value Content 

Powerful resources that help you to educate, add value, build trust and establish authority at every stage of the prospect to patient journey – a cut above the usual patient leaflets!

Patient Information Leaflets

Nurture Relationships with Past and Current Customers

Brandable ready-to-send customer newsletters which you can print, email or post to current customers, re-engage past ones and motivate new prospects to book an appointment

Smarten Up Your Waiting Areas with Eye-Catching Posters

Make sure your clinic looks the part! Our professionally designed visuals will give your waiting rooms and clinics the air of professionalism it deserves – whilst also providing valuable information for your clients

Encourage Your Clients to Take Positive Business Actions 

Use our pre-designed templates to help you build trust and loyalty with your clients and encourage them to take positive actions to support your business

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Our Clinical Education Subscription benefits your clinic in two distinct ways – by upping your clinical knowledge, and by helping you engage clients and build trust with our professionally written patient resources.

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