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In the ever-evolving world of physical therapy, staying updated with the latest evidence base is crucial. Our Professional Growth Hub offers a comprehensive solution, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of clinical knowledge. But that’s not all! This subscription also includes all the benefits of our Health Connect Packs, offering a holistic approach to both patient education and professional development.

Why Choose This Subscription?

A multi-purpose professional development and patient engagement resource:

  • Evidence-Based Insights: Stay updated with the latest research and clinical findings through our engaging quarterly journal. Each edition is peer-reviewed, ensuring you receive accurate and actionable insights.

  • Visual Learning: Infographics and visuals in our journals simplify complex topics, enhancing your learning experience.

  • Reflective Practice: Thought-provoking questions at the end of each article encourage deeper understanding, allowing for personal reflection or group discussions.

  • Digital & Print Access: Whether you prefer reading online or holding a physical copy, we’ve got you covered. Access articles through our membership portal or receive our printed journal quarterly at no extra cost (mailed worldwide).

  • Extensive Archives: With 24 years of content, delve into a vast reservoir of insights and knowledge anytime you need.

  • Health Connect Packs: Beyond just patient leaflets, these packs are tools for outreach and education. Share them digitally or in print, promoting your expertise and building trust within your community.

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Features and Benefits of the Professional Growth Hub

  • Quarterly Journal: Delve into the latest in physical therapy with our dynamic journal. Designed for practical application, it ensures you’re always at the forefront of your field.
  • Reflect, Discuss, Apply: Enhance your professional growth with questions designed for reflective practice, fostering deeper understanding and application of the content.
  • Digital Archive Access: 24 years of rich content awaits you, providing a treasure trove of insights and knowledge.

All-Inclusive Subscription

For a minimal increase of just £5 from our entry-level subscription, the Professional Growth Hub offers unparalleled value. At £24.99 a month, you receive:

  • All the benefits of our Health Connect Packs, including patient leaflets and educational posters.
  • Access to our dynamic quarterly journal, both online and in print.
  • A vast archive of articles spanning over two decades.

No Long-Term Commitments: Experience the comprehensive benefits of the Professional Growth Hub without any binding contracts. Our monthly rolling subscription ensures you have the flexibility you need.

Comprehensive Patient Education: The Health Connect Packs, included in this subscription, offer branded patient leaflets perfect for various outreach efforts. Whether it’s for your clinic, social media, or community events, these leaflets subtly promote your business and expertise.

Download a Mini Campaign Bundle for Free

Includes a ready-to-publish blog post, a ready-to-send customer email, customer leaflets, a selection of engaging social media posts and a Co-Kinetic Journal. The goal is to demonstrate how each piece of content works holistically together.

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How It Works

Strengthen your practice, patients and community with evidence-based insights and valuable resources in just four pivotal steps:

  1. Absorb & Apply: Delve into the latest research with our dynamic quarterly journal which translates the evidence-based knowledge into actionable insights for your practice.
  2. Engage & Educate: Utilise the Health Connect Packs to provide patients with valuable information through your emails, social media pages and blog posts, ensuring they’re well-informed and confident in their care journey.
  3. Community Connection: Extend your reach by sharing patient leaflets with local sports clubs, support groups, and businesses. This not only educates but also fosters valuable community relationships.
  4. Reflect & Grow: Engage in reflective practice using the thought-provoking questions at the end of each article. This continuous learning approach ensures you stay at the forefront of physical therapy knowledge.

Pricing and Features Comparison

Get all these benefits and more at a competitive subscription fee. To maintain content exclusivity and quality, we limit the Clinic Growth Hub subscription by geographical region. So don't wait. Secure your spot now!

Ready to raise your clinical game and patient engagement?

Join a community of physical therapists who are committed to continuous learning and excellence. Subscribe to the Professional Growth Hub today and ensure you’re always at the cutting edge of your profession.