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Patient Resources

Cultivate trust, establish authority and build patient engagement

  • A great entry-level subscription designed to help you deliver professional and engaging customer experiences 
  • Build trust and authority throughout the customer journey
  • Add value by sharing resources on your social networks and in your email newsletters
  • Raise awareness of your business by distributing your leaflets locally
  • Provide useful, authoritative reading material to waiting clients
  • Now includes catching poster artwork for your clinic walls
  • All branded with your own business details

£19.99 per month

Clinical Education & Patient Resources

Stay at the top of your clinical game and build and nurture relationships with your clients and prospects

  • Peer-reviewed clinical articles with a focus on practical application
  • Deliver the most effective patient outcomes, using the latest evidence base
  • Stay up-to-date with the research summarised in an easy-to-digest format
  • Highly visual and interactive for a better learning experience
  • Strengthen relationships with brandable patient information resources
  • Use share links to your branded patient resources to add value on your website or email newsletter, and raise awareness of your business on the social networks or print them out to add value to your local community.

£24.99 per month

Social Media & Audience Building

It’s time to make social media work for you (and quickly!)

  • Build better brand perception
  • More sign-ups to your email list
  • Grow organic reach with better post engagement
  • All in less than 20 minutes a month

It’s all possible with our Social Media Subscription.

What’s more, we’ve made it so easy to use that you can get your social media done for the month in a matter of minutes.

Sign up and you’ll get:

  • 30+ new expert social media posts per month
  • Easy-to-use inbuilt scheduling tool 
  • Complete marketing funnel that takes customers from viewing your post to signing up to your email list (yep, that’s all done for you too)
  • PLUS everything listed in the Clinical Education subscription above

£59 per month

Clinic Growth Pro (DIY or Managed) 

The ultimate sales and marketing package. Designed specifically for business owners who are serious about growing their business

In partnership with

 The perfect combination of:

  1. A full content marketing funnel to help you build an audience, nurture trust and conversations and convert into paying customers
  2. With a choice of different levels of hands-on, done-for-you support to actually carry out your marketing for you
  3. Plus everything listed in the two subscriptions above


£149 per month – DIY (do it yourself version)
Or from £299 per month – DFY (managed version)

* Licences are mapped individually and we can’t guarantee one will be available in your area

Image showing the Co-Kinetic marketing solution for Physical Therapists

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