Social Media & Lead Collection

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Unsure what you should be doing on social media? Not convinced your pages actually bring in any new business? We can help.

We make social media easy, crafting ready-to-go content for your channels that looks great, widens your audience and attracts new clients. And best of all, it’ll take just minutes of your time each week to build your presence and start reaping the benefits.

Social media can play an important role for your business

Here’s why:

  • Your social media pages are an essential part of your marketing presence, people will look for, and expect you, to be there
  • It allows you to reach, build, nurture, and engage with a super-targeted audience
  • Quality social media content helps to cultivate trust, establish authority and demonstrate expertise – both for you and your business.

Your goal is to publish an engaging, reputation-building, trust-cultivating social media presence with the least impact on your time. And that’s where Co-Kinetic comes in .

Top 10 social media mistakes

Precious time (and money) is lost doing the wrong things and without any focus on ROI

  1. Quantity is prioritised over quality
  2. Not enough use of video
  3. No value offered to the page viewer
  4. Too many self-promotion posts
  5. No emphasis on building trust or authority
  6. Not using your social media to build targeted audiences
  7. No active encouragement to engage with posts
  8. Not replying to questions (or being too slow)
  9. Trying to be in too many places at once
  10. No quantifiable objectives or SMART targets

Master Your Social Media

Intelligent, professional and value-adding posts which help you target, attract and segment your perfect patients

How can this help you?

  • Attract your perfect patients with strategic social media posting
  • Establish authority and build trust with  professional, educational content
  • Choose from our growing library of campaigns covering commonly-seen MSK and health & wellbeing topics
  • Link your posts to one-click sign-up pages, and capture new leads quickly and easily
  • Build your list, learn more about your followers, and provide them with the kind of content you know will pique their interest
  • Schedule a 30-post, monthly campaign in less than 15 minutes

PLUS! Each piece of media is accompanied by pre-written text and has been pre-loaded into our inbuilt social media scheduling tool, meaning the content is ready to post, saving you hours of work (and brainpower!) trying to figure out what to write!

an image showing a range of social media images produced by Co-Kinetic

In social media, content leads to conversations, conversations build relationships, and relationships result in ROI

Robert Caruso

Building-Target-Audiences through

Build Targeted Audiences

Grow your single most important marketing asset - your email list – using our unique physical therapy-themed email list building system. What's more, all pages feature your branding and business details for each customer conversion.

How can this help you?

  • Collect qualified email leads to help build your email list
  • Segment your audience so you can pinpoint who is interested in which topics (and follow up with even more relevant information)
  • Wow new prospects with high-value, professional downloadable content
  • Nourish new client relationships with editable follow-up emails, sent as soon as someone registers
  • Run paid advertising to targeted audiences and link to sign-up pages, growing your email list with your perfect patient demographics

Popular Features

  • We take care of the whole process meaning:
    • We’ve written the high-value lead magnet leaflet downloads
    • Written and designed the highly-optimised email sign-up page
    • Built the eye-catching, prospect-wowing leaflet download pages
    • Written the follow-up email (also fully editable)
    • And we take care of hosting the pages for you.
  • Choose from a library of 37+ email sign-up pages covering different MSK, health and wellbeing themes (new themes added regularly)
  • Track conversions and page visits through Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics
  • The pages feature your branding and are regularly optimised
  • Works on all devices and in all web browsers

You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.

Beth Comstock

6 reasons why our subscribers love the Co-Kinetic Social Media subscription

Saves time

And tons of it – we’ve produced the social media posts and even pre-loaded them into our own social media scheduling tool

Easy to do

Setting up a 30 day campaign requires just 4 steps and takes only 10-15 minutes

All-in-one process

The social media can link to lead collection pages, which link to lead magnet delivery pages and triggers an email autoresponder


All posts are educational, expert and authority-building which in turn cultivates trust

Grow your email list

Choose specific campiagns to help you build targeted audiences

Plays nicely with others

Connects to Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel

 I love the fact that I can set up a campaign and just let it run for a month. It brings in new leads and keeps our existing followers informed. It saves us a lot of time!

Dan Smith, Sports and Spinal Physio Ltd

This is how easy it is

4 Steps to Trigger a 30 Day Social Media Campaign

  1. Toggle on the networks you want to post
  2. Change the pre-set post frequency (if you want to)
  3. Set your campaign start and end date for the social media to post
  4. Click UPDATE and leave it to get on with things!

Note: Make sure you’ve connected your social networks first.

Download a free pack of social media

You can use on your social networks today

Our Secret to Success:

The Co-Kinetic Marketing Funnel

Click on the black CO icons on the interactive image below to explore each element of the funnel in more detail

And our Social Media subscription doesn’t stop there, it also includes…

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn

John Cotton Dana

Patient Information Leaflets

Patient Information Leaflets

Powerful resources that help you to educate, add value, build trust and establish authority at every stage of the prospect to patient journey – definitely a cut above the usual patient leaflets!

How can this help you?

  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise and add value to your customers and prospects
  • Personalise the patient experience with individually tailored, post-visit material
  • Keep your patients informed on the latest developments in your industry and the role you can play in helping them

How to use them

  • Share the resources on your social networks or on local discussion forums to build trust
  • Send them in post-appointment follow-up emails to support your treatment sessions
  • Print them and distribute relevant articles in local sports clubs, businesses and shops to grow brand awareness
  • Include links to your resources in your customer nurture emails, making your emails even more useful and reinforcing your expertise

Popular Features

  • Written by physical therapists and fully peer-reviewed
  • Covering a wide range of sport, health and wellbeing topics
  • New leaflets added every month
  • All content easy to brand and share
  • Complete with medical disclaimers
  • Growing library of more than 400 different leaflets

Sales is not about selling any more, but about building trust and educating

Siva Devaki

Customer Newsletters

Brandable ready-to-send customer newsletters which you can print, email or post – to add value to current customers, re-engage past ones and motivate new prospects to book an appointment

How can this help you?

  • Educate your patients about how you can support them in different areas of their health and wellbeing
  • Build trust with your email list by sharing resources in your emails 
  • Engage visitors with fresh newsletters on your website
  • Post newsletter content on your social networks to increase engagement 
  • Help your customers' waiting time to pass fast by providing the newsletters as reading material in your waiting area
  • Post newsletters out to re-engage past clients 
  • Build goodwill and generate awareness of your brand by distributing newsletters in local sports clubs or through other complementary businesses

Popular Features

  • New topics added every month
  • A growing library of 40+ newsletters 
  • Written and peer-reviewed by medical professionals
  • Compliant with ‘Plain English’ readability standards 
  • Professionally-designed with an easy-to-read, clean and clear design
  • Allows you to add your own business details
  • Saves you hours creating your own patient newsletters!

Great sales people are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win

Jeffrey Gitomer

Print Out Posters and Wall Art

What do your premises say about you and your skill set? Shabby, run-down rooms will damage your reputation. That's where our posters come in!

How can this help you?

  • Display eye-catching posters and show your customers a dynamic business at the top of it’s game
  • Create a smart, professional and welcoming environment
  • Reinvigorate your reception area, stairwells, treatment rooms or even the public facilities!
  • Build trust and establish authority with informative, educational material on display

Popular Features

  • New posters designed every month, making it easy to keep your clinic looking fresh and up-to-date
  • Use the artwork service Canva to order the posters for printing at any size (wherever you are in the world)
  • Add your own branding and contact details – and claim the glory!

You only have one chance to make a first impression

Stephanie Perkins

Promote Positive Business Actions

Use our pre-designed templates to help you build trust and loyalty with your clients and encourage them to take positive actions to support your business

How can this help you?

  • Boost your search engine optimisation and make your business more findable on Google by encouraging more customers to review your business
  • Motivate your customers to support local businesses like your own (and explain why it’s important)
  • Show your patients that you care about their holistic health by providing them with ‘over and above the call of duty’ resources
  • Send personalised, branded birthday cards to customers either by post or email (you could even include a discount coupon)
  • Express your gratitude to customers who do things that positively affect your business using our “Gesture of Thanks” campaign.

Popular features

  • New templates created regularly
  • Printable internationally through Canva
  • Brandable with your business details

Right now is the best time to create your tomorrow

Ken Poirot

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